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Ok. I’m slightly obsessed with Tom Thayer. Or I should say, obsessed with his art. The New Jersey-based artist channels his deeply personal work through installation, stop-motion animations, performance, sculpture, painting, and works on paper. He uses derelict materials (cardboard, paint, string, wire and even lint) to create work that is as captivating as it is esoteric. While many visual artists of his generation draw from pop culture or the art historical canon, Thayer’s work often finds inspiration in more obscure sources, such as outsider art, Eastern European animation, and the weirder fringes of the American independent music scene. Most recently, Thayer collaborated with artist Dave Miko, debuting Baseless Legion of Architects Rent Asunder, at Eleven Rivington in New York. Their hybrid process involves months of fine-tuning the relationship between Miko’s unorthodox painting style and Thayer’s use of analog video effects.

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