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I’ve been stumbling upon some pretty amazing photographers lately. This weekend, I came across Li Hui, who’s work is pretty phenomenal, especially considering that she’s self-taught. She only started seriously concentrating on her art three years ago, when she purchased her first TLR camera (film!). Since then, she has amassed an incredible body of work. Her signature soft-focus and nostalgic use of light and colour bring a youthful tenderness to her images and the anonymous and sometimes blurred quality of her portraits create a sense of loneliness and mystery. I’ll admit, I had a tough time curating her work. Her images are all so beautiful. Each one like a daydream.

Happy Friday! We have a pretty busy weekend in the city ahead, so I’m getting my nature fix admiring this series from New Zealand based fine art photographer, Cally Whitham. She says she has romantic notions of finding value in banality. Well, there’s nothing commonplace about her work. Having had her painter father as an early influence, it makes sense that her photos would look more like paintings. You can check out more of her beautiful work on Behance.

Have a great weekend!

Whenever we drive up north, as soon as I start seeing fields and farm houses, my shoulders instantly drop. It’s like the stress of the city leaves my body as soon as the sights of the city  are  far behind me. Maybe I need to move to the country. Anyway, here are a bunch of iPhone photos I took through the dirty car window. I might start a series with that hashtag. ;)

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This work is amazing. Minneapolis-based Craig Schlewitz’s photographs have a wonderful soft ease and are aesthetically beautiful. There’s a vintage film quality to his work. And I love how each photograph feels intimate, yet the subjects remain anonymous. At the tender age of 19, he’s quite established too, having been featured in Vogue Italia, Urban Outfitters and other editorials. That’s right, he’s only 19-years-old. Which means his work will continue to get even more awesomer.

I’m digging this fashion editorial by Vienna photographer, Susanne Spiel. It was shot for the Austrian Magazine, News Exklusiv. I love the styling and make up, but mostly I’m envious of their exotic local – the Hatta desert near Dubi. The sand dunes certainly make for a pretty amazing backdrop, don’t they?

Trendig sexig bröllopsklänning hänvisar vanligtvis till en kort och söt klänning. Du kommer att kunna dansa eller flytta. Du kan uppmärksamma dessa två punkter. : Se till att klänningen och hudfärgen passar bra, välj rätt bröllopstillbehör,

I’ve never had a more beautiful garden. It seems like every few weeks, a new plant blooms just as another is wilting. It’s brilliant. I can honestly sit out there for hours (ok, with a baby, it’s more like 5 minutes) and just soak in all the sights and smells. It’s so soothing… We really don’t have to do much either, it pretty much takes care of itself, thanks to the previous home owner’s green thumb. Neither Kirk or I know much about plants, so it’s truly amazing that this is our backyard. Of course, that’s not to say it’s looking it’s best right now – some unruly weeds have sprung up everywhere and we’ve been so busy, we haven’t gotten around to pulling them. Thankfully though, the garden was planted so masterfully, you can hardly tell.

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I am a huge fan of photographer Kalle Gustafsson’s work. In particular, his horses series for ATG (Aktiebolaget Trav & Galopp, a company that manages gambling on horse racing in Sweden), which he’s been shooting for four years now. You’d think when you’re shooting the same subject matter year after year, the work would get a bit stale. But Gustafsson manages to keep it fresh each time. The thing that surprises me most is that he’s mainly a fashion and beauty photographer, so how he landed a project so different from what he’s known for, intrigues me. Then again, I once hired a fashion photographer to shoot a bunch of young kids playing hockey in an indoor rink, and the results were pure magic. I guess sometimes an art director has a vision for what they want and have an instinct about which photographer can bring it to life. Even if what they’re after isn’t yet reflected in the photographer’s portfolio. However it happened, this work is absolutely stunning. I wonder if I can buy one of these as a large format print?

I love the story behind Harriott Grace: A father sends his daughter, who lives 3400 kilometers away, gift packages of his own beautifully hand carved spoons. She loves them so much, she figures others would appreciate the care with which they are made too, and convinces him to share his talent.

A year ago, Nikole decided, along with director John Cullen, to create a film about what it is her father does. This is just a sneak peak, but it looks wonderful. It looks beautifully shot and I’m sure masterfully edited by my friend, Paul Proulx. I can’t wait to see it!

UPDATE: Here’s the final film!