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Whenever we drive up north, as soon as I start seeing fields and farm houses, my shoulders instantly drop. It’s like the stress of the city leaves my body as soon as the sights of the city  are  far behind me. Maybe I need to move to the country. Anyway, here are a bunch of iPhone photos I took through the dirty car window. I might start a series with that hashtag. ;)

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For the long weekend, we headed up north with little Kaja and the pooch. The car ride up was amazing – barely any tears. The car ride back however, was a bit more traumatic. Lesson learned: never put Kaja in a car between 4:30pm – 6pm, it’s not her most tolerant time of the day. Other than that, we had a very relaxing few days. The weather was perfect and the lake, nice a warm. Monday was Canada’s birthday, which we celebrated with an evening boat ride and a 9pm bedtime. All that fresh air is exhausting! I feel very blessed to have that little cabin to get away to. It’s important to get out of the city and commune with nature, don’t you think?

The long weekend is finally here! The weather looks like it’s going to be fantastic so we’re headed up to the cottage. We’ve got a tiny little rustic place up north, and we’re trying to get the little one accustomed to sleeping up there. She’s a stickler for her crib and probably the only baby on the planet that doesn’t like to sleep in the car. It’s a long drive and she falls asleep eventually, but not before protesting. A lot. At least it’s all worth it once we get there!

Have an amazing long weekend.