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I LOVE chocolate but I’m not really sure I’d be able to eat these. They’re way too beautiful! Edible Surfaces is a collaboration between Pinaki Studios, a London-based creative textile studio, and Chocolátl, a retail shop and tasting space in Amsterdam, that specialises in eclectic premium chocolate. The joint venture draws inspiration from the processes of chocolate artisans and textile manipulations such as pleating, creasing and embossing. It investigates parallels in the technical methods of those crafts, as well as inventive concepts for the development of edible objects.

Pinaki Studios and Chocolátl presented Edible Surfaces to coincide with Dutch Design Week, which ran last month.

(via COVER Blog)

This is hands down, the most amazing wedding invitation ever. Designers Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer collaborated with their talented artist friends, and created a site that puts everything else to shame.

This looks to be the beginning of a very smart campaign by Protest. I really love how they’re bringing their brand positioning to life with the Stories From Here to There. And it’s so beautifully shot. Protest Boardwear is a Dutch boardwear company that designs clothing to help surfers (and boarders) ride more. They’re all about eliminating the obstacles that stand between riders and their boards. In “From here to there”, we go on a journey with 5 professional surfers as they search for whatever their “there” is. One of these surfers is Oli Adams, who has chosen to find his “there” close to home in the UK, where he is determined to find quality waves in less than ideal waters. Also, the fact that Oli has a small family yet goes out to brave the unforgiving and frigid waters, really makes me want to watch his journey. The stakes are high.

So far, there are 3 films on the website, but not much else. I look forward to seeing how this campaign evolves…