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Happy Friday! I was thinking the other day about how much things have changed in the world of advertising. Mainly, time. There just isn’t enough of it to create anymore. When I started my career, the average time we’d get to work on a brief was three weeks. Now, you’re lucky if you get three days. That’s a lot of creative avenues that get left unexplored.  Then again, Don Draper said it best when he said (about the creative department) “We are the least important most important thing”. So if the time constraints of our digital age are going to affect anyone, it’s going to be the creative folks. Gotta love Mad Men.

Anyway, on that note, I thought I’d leave you today with this striking series by New Zealand-based photographer, John Crawford. This labour of love took him three years to complete, from 1984 – 1987, when he dedicated his spare time to meticulously planning and executing each shot. The images were all taken with a 35mm camera, exactly as you see them. No retouching whatsoever (this was the 80’s afterall). Utilizing his network of contacts that he’d made throughout his very accomplished career as a commercial photographer, Crawford was able to set up incredible scenarios, like the naked body lying on the tracks in front of a goods train. He kept the photographs in a box for more than 25 years, and only recently posted them up on his website. For obvious reasons, they garnered a lot of attention once they appeared on the internet, and Crawford, now 61, plans to return to the project. I can’t wait to see the next installment!

September 03, 2012

Incredible work. Really surprised me in a very positive way. Tks!